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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Fwd: Vicki worried about Ethiopia ??

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From: Tedla Asfaw <>
Date: Nov 15, 2007 12:09 PM
Subject: Fwd: Vicki worried about Ethiopia ??

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From: tedla asfaw <>
Date: Nov 15, 2007 12:07 PM
Subject: Vicki worried about Ethiopia ??

Vicki Huddleston and Tibor Nagy(Nov 15 OP-ED)titled
Don't turn on Ethiopia on New York Times argued to
save the regime in Ethiopia for being on a track to
democratization and USA best ally in the Horn of

Ambassador Vicki when she was in Ethiopia two years
ago after the CUD leadership thrown to jail for
winning election went to Kaliti Jail to give the
ultimatum for the jailed Mayor of Addis Ababa, Dr.
Birhanu to renounce his mayor-ship so that the regime
will appoint someone on his September 6 address to the
New School Community in New York, What a shame?

When such person is now advocating that all is well in
Ethiopia and the regime should not be punished by the
pending bill of HR2003 it shows that this Ambassador
went beyond diplomacy and insulted the millions of
Ethiopians who are not allowed peacefully to organize
and participate on the matter that concern them and
rather treated like "animals" at the mercy of
unelected tyrants that Vicki is now endorsing without

Vicki we know you really worried about the final mass
insurrection which is very close and neither your
opinion nor congress involvement might save the
tyranny in Ethiopia.

External conflicts with Eritrea and Somalia is a
diversionary tactic you and the regime in Ethiopia are
now hoping to capitalize and as you know very well
Ethiopians will not go to any war with Eritrea and
overwhelmingly oppose the occupation of Somalia in our

Let me bring to your attention one of the allies of
USA, Musharraf of Pakistan who is now looks like
abandoned by USA and I heard USA has a replacement for
him in the army and how comes you did not propose any
one in case your darling, Melese Zenawi is thrown out
of the office?

On your next opinion we will be hearing if you have
anyone available to replace Melese Zenawi to continue
your so called democratization in Ethiopia.

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