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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Fwd: "Talaku Rucha"

Tedla Asfaw

"Talaku Rucha Besote Megletcha, Keweyane Yeshalal Somale and Demdem Yeshetal Betu Yebetemengistu" that is what the less than two minutes video clip from Addis posted on all opposition web site is saying.

Amazingly this is exactly opposite to what in the last two months here in the Diaspora Kinijit supporters and now in Addis Kinijit leadership we are witnessing. This shows that the people are not part of the power struggle within Kinijit and they are focusing on TPLF's abuse of power.

TPLF's ruling by banning all peaceful protests and rallies is not without reason and "Talaku Rucha"types of platforms will soon also be banned because the regime is totally exposed for what it is even on a festive recreational atmosphere.

Political organizations like Kinijit will have only few chances to lead such restive crowd and if they waste time fighting each other they will be forgotten by the people.

I was happy I did not hear slogans like "Hailu Yegna new" or "Birtukan Yegna Nate", the majority voted for Kinijit's spirit not for personalities. If the elected leaders do not heal their wounds and move on they will be left out.

In atmosphere of criminalizing peaceful rallies the people's reaction to the division in Kinijit can not be measured. However, "Talaku Rucha" can be a tasting ground and I see people are focused to fight TPLF and they have no desire to fight each other siding with Hailu or Birtukan factions.

Those who are here in a safe distance as I said so many times if we have deep interest for the good of our people let us support the demand of our people and not impose our will on the people.