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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Is "Limatachene" equals to "Siltanachene" ??

Tedla Asfaw
"Limatachenen" or " development goal" is the most frequently used word in TPLF politics besides "Ashabares" or "terrorist" and Ato Melese once again brought it many times  in  his parliament speech this week.
Does any one know what "Limatchnenene" means ? as I understand it means anyone who is trying to mobilize people peacefully to say no to TPLF tyranny or fighting Ato Melese's army in all corners of Ethiopia is enemy to derail "Limatachenene" according to TPLF leader.
Ato Melese said several times that if someone just sleep on our "Limatachenene" he cares less because he is a just a sleeper and he we will not declare war on him. Does he mean those so called oppositions in the Parliament who sleep or looked bored on his lectures do not worry him?. He is right and most of them are paid to sleep.
He said that  "Akrarew Kinijit", OLF and ONLF has to be taken care of so that Shabia or the Islamic Council in Somalia could not succeed to sabotage our goal of "Limatacnene" .
In all cases when he talks about "Limatachenen" he  means TPLF's power and  can be substituted by "Siltanachenen" or TPLF's right to rule. We all know that and have heard several times that TPLF will not share power with anyone and were told several times by Melese himself to go to the jungle  and fight for "Limatachehu" or "Siltanachehu".
He is also right when he said if anyone sleeps he is not worried about it and that is why he is not worried about Shabia because Melese is certain that Shabia will not remove him from his "Siltan or Lemate". What worried him is the spirit of May 2005 led by "Kinijit" what he called  "Akrarew Kinijit" and the uprising by Oromos and Somalis.
For this goal he will use all the means to destroy and weaken Kinijit until it becomes a "sleepy Kinijit" and try to break the backbone of the OLF and ONLF to get few more years to keep "Limatechene or Siltanachenen".
The Ethiopian masses know very well that when TPLF is talking about "Limatachenen" it means its prosperity because of "Siltanechen" and it is true that anyone who challenges them peacefully or otherwise is not welcome and he should be put to sleep.
TPLF is serious about this and had shown what it can do by gunning hundreds two years ago in Addis Ababa and it is really scared of Kinijit if it comes out strong from its current splintering and take the restive masses to freedom.