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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Jamming Business of TPLF

Tedla Asfaw
Jamming radios in Ethiopia is not only a waste of tax payers money as Ben of  put it but is also a waste of foreigner tax payers money because  the German and American radios are running by their government budget.
It will be important to bring the jamming of these foreign stations to their government attention  to warn the Ethiopian regime to stop these business immediately otherwise we have to alert the taxpayers that their money is wasted and the VOA and German Radio Administration should be held accountable.
 TPLF when was asked by the VOA Director two years ago to drop the genocide charge against VOA Amharic journalists it complied immediately and quietly and the director should now explain to the American people why he is paying salaries for the program in the first place is not reaching to the people it wants to serve.
If TPLF's assertion that VOA and German Amharic are working for the opposition, it is up to the head of these radio stations to evaluate the allegation and  make decision. We would not allow quite diplomacy to work here and the millions who are following these radio stations should be told so on what is going on, waiting for unheard program is painful for people who are exhausted of tons of propaganda daily.
Regarding opposition radios which are jammed that is up to them to get their right to disseminate information which will be costlier and if they do not have the money they will be forced to cut their airtime and allocate cost to fight the jamming.
Most importantly opposition radio stations should stop being another propaganda media like the regime they opposed and used their costly airtime wisely and we do not want to hear the noises we are hearing on Internet to be repeated on the radio again.