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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Gete Wame "Getachene" lost the double but still won the big price

Tedla Asfaw
In one of the most memorable women marathon in New York City Gete Wame," Getachene" gave all what she has and came very close. The difference between her and the winner Paula Radcliffe was twenty three seconds.
From the first mile in New York City Marathon to the last mile  Gete, " Getachene" went toe to toe with Paula Radcliffe and finished close second and  the difference was the reserve fuel on the finishing line in the last half mile and that was the result of two years without running and child birth for Paula and the grueling Marathon won by "Getachene" two months ago in Berlin. It seems Paula had the extra fuel and won the New York City Marathon for the second time and motherhood did not bother her at all.
The strategy of "Getachene" staying with Paula from start and never stayed behind had paid and became the winner of the World Marathon Record and beat the third finisher from Latvia to claim her price of half-million dollars.
"Getachene" the "little" Ethiopian as called here by foreign medias style of running is as beautiful as her smile had won her many fans and the waste high jerking motion of Paula though unlikable by spectators was not a negative factor and she won  for the second time in New York and this time as a mother.
We should congratulate both women for coming to New York City and gave us the most thrilling women marathon in New York City and I am positive that when "Getachene" comes here maybe in 2009 after the Beijing Olympics she will not only win but also  will set the course record for New York City.