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Friday, 16 November 2007

No trade or bargain with "Yehizeb" Kinijit

Tedla Asfaw
I heard interesting name, Yehizeb Kinijit,  on yesterday's (Nov. 15) Ethiopian Television Network(ETN) press conference by visiting Kinijit delegates and this is going to be the next name battle when the delegates turned home beside other accusations from the regime in power.
The Kinijit name is now owned by Ato Ayele Chamiso, Ato Temesgene Zewde both who got seat in the name of Kinijit in the parliament and both are now battling on the regimes court to get legal recognition for this name.
The other Kinijit which is called on yesterday conference as "Yehizeb Kinijit" which was established on Meskerem 14, two years ago have not yet got legal recognition and on top of that we heard also from Engineer Hailu while ago to look for another name to get legal recognition.
Judge Birtukan Medeksa yesterday however would like to steak to the Kinijit name most probably the "Yehezeb Kinijit" and this will further bring another confusion for the Kinijit supporters at home and many valuable time is going to be wasted and this will help the regime to wage its propaganda on the media it controls.
The millions supporters of Kinijit would like to see their Kinijit not Ato Ayele or Ato Temesgene's kinijit but the peoples Kinijit to call for mass rally and mobilize its supporters and put pressure on the regime to accept the peoples kinijit by stopping all this theatrical shows in the court.
The real Kinijit can mobilize people however the others who are now making money in the parliament  in Kinijit's name can do so until the next election comes and  both will be going out of business.
Changing name as was suggested by Engineer Hailu will only be helpful to make a new party that will get a favour of recognition from the regime however it  will anger many supporters of kinijit and turn them away which will only benefit the regime in power by dividing the united front against tyranny.
The Ethiopian people vote of May 2005 and the Meskerem 14, September 2005 dissolving of the four organizations and establishment of Kinijit should be the foundation of the future struggle and we have only one Kinijit that is "Yehizeb Kinijit".