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Friday, 9 November 2007

Fire power in Mogadishu as a warning to all oppositions.

Tedla Asfaw
The Somalia crisis is getting worst day by day and today BBC reported that the Bakara Market in Mogadishu was shelled by the "Ethiopian" soldiers killing many civilians and this according to the BBC is a reprisal action for the dead and mutilated Ethiopian soldiers who were dragged and pelted with the stone yesterday similar to the Black Hawk incident of the USA soldiers in the early 1990s during American humanitarian intervention in Somalia.
The UN chief also seems admitting to the fact on the ground that he said it is  not feasible to send UN forces in Somalia which only so far got a quarter of promised African forces and as BBC reporter clearly suggested "Ethiopian" forces are here to stay and things will be getting from bad to worst for the Mogadishu residents and many have already left the city.
The USA current Administration has already assigned Somali's crisis to be handled by  the fire power of Melese Zenawi and will keep on arming and paying for this terrible war and the next administration will not be different either.
There is also a high probability of opening another war front in the North to remove Isayas and expel all the Somalia and Ethiopian oppositions like OLF and ONLF and bring pro Melese force in Eritrea who will join forces to battle in Mogadishu and the horn for the foreseeable future.,
The war in the horn had just started and at this time Melese Zenawi is firing a shot and  picking his fights on his will and the political crisis at home is now hostage to this self made diversionary war which only benefits the regime to cling to power.
The Ethiopian opposition led by Kinijit will be trapped when they soon arrive in Ethiopia after two months stay in North America and Europe and have already been labelled as pro ONLF and we should not be surprised if they send them back to Kaliti or house arrest.
The Ethiopian regime survival strategy is to fight the "extremists" or "terrorists" wherever they are and the shelling on the Bakara market today is a warning also for all oppositions inside or outside Ethiopia, the real war has started and get ready for it.
USA administration has  made it clear that its interest is well served by Melese Zenawi and there is no need to change course and the Diaspora oppositions lobby to bring HR2003 so far is a success. however, the current escalation of the war might be deliberately designed to let the USA senators know that the war on " terror " in Mogadishu should not be hampered  by bringing laws like H2003 to punish an ally. The situation of Pakistan will also weigh on the senators mind and most likely they will stick to their strong men Musharraf and Melese by giving lip service for the rule of law and democracy.
Ethiopians and Somalis have to look inside and take back their countries from unelected killers and make sure not to play on the ancient animosity between these two neighbors currently exploited by the regime in Ethiopia to make this war as Ethiopian "Christians" against "Muslim" Somalis..
Somali's anger is also exploited by some in Mogadishu by inhuman treatment for the dead Ethiopian soldiers which is also un-Somali and un-Islamic and the majority of Somalis know that they are not fighting what they used to call "the Amharas " of Ethiopia but illegitimate regime serving the interest of foreign Powers who slaughtered innocents in Addis Ababa similar to what they are doing today in Mogadishu.