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Thursday, 19 March 2009

AIGA, Ethiopian AIG with Arrogance !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Who does not know the American Investment Group (AIG) that is the day to day conversations of ordinary working Americans, and the circus like hearing in Congress floor this week after AIG's disastrous economic scandal behind taxpayers back, big bonus for failure.

What I am here talking about is Ethiopian equivalent of AIG in politics leaving the economics for some other time. We have an Internet site, AIGA, that circulates news by inflating it beyond its value and try to sale it for the Ethiopian Diaspora.

I call Ethiopia's "AIG", the website "AIGA", " AIG with another "A" for arrogance"". This week's main headline, "Statesman Meles Zenawi" chosen to represent Africa  in the coming G20 meeting in London " is one of the frauds among many. Anybody including Al-Beshir could have been chosen if it were not for the March 4 ICC warrant.

Africa's genius statesman, Meles Zenawi, according to Ethiopia's AIG with Arrogance is challenging IMF to sale its gold reserve to help Africa. Does Meles' have experience of selling gold ? Sure, the fake gold worth 26 million recently "lost" from the Ethiopian National Bank is under the order of Meles Zenawi probably on foreign bank.

This morning  news coming from London  that Ethiopia is one of the countries among some from Africa that capital is flying out to London's banks. Ethiopia's loot  is flying while Meles is begging on behalf of "African" countries for IMF's gold.

After all Meles without shame is suggesting to Gordon Brown to see the whole of Africa as "AIG", "Treat us like AIG and pump money and we will take care of the rest". The Diaspora political AIG, AIGA,  of Ethiopia will come with big headline, "prime minister Meles is elected to head the future African AIG ".

However, AIGA will not succeed in inventing  a huge crowd with flowers coming out to welcome his genius prime minster. When it comes to thousands who will flock to protest in London, some even paying their airfare crossing Atlantic, the Arrogant "AIG", AIGA  will have no answer, wait the coming headline of April 2.