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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Stimulating Commission for Africa !!!!

Tedla Asfaw

The Ethiopian tyrant who currently chairs the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and other eleven countries from Africa most represented by minsters were in London meeting with Gordon Brown to beg the "rich" countries of G20 not to forget Africa in their  coming April meeting in London.

The tyrant of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi,  recently on record told his sleepy parliament that the world crisis has no impact to his country because Ethiopia's economy is not linked with the rich nations economy. Why then now crying for money and scared his host that no money means violence in Africa ?

So what happened in the last few months for Meles to declare that if we do not get financial help, some countries surely he means Ethiopia among others will be under and Africa will be in chaos.  He warned also that the cost of violence will be much higher than the cost of giving funds now. Why did the G20 care if there is violence in Africa ? When is the last time we read or heard that Africa is in economic progress and prosperity ?

Here is what is going to happen in April in London. Gordon Brown will do the follow up of Tony Blair's "African Commission" of the early 2000 on  which Meles served and will establish a commission for  "Stimulating African Economy" , " African Stimulant Commission", of course Meles Zenawi is a member, loves to be on stage. I wish he has permanent job on one of the never ending shows on Broadway and give his place for fellow African.

The defunct African Commission of Tony Blair as we all know had not produced any result and nothing different is expected from the "Stimulant Commission". The fund Meles will collect will help him keep his apartheid rule for the coming years beside paying his Chinese creditors.

How can a tyrant who put more than ten millions of people currently on foreign food aid and who is a known human right abuser will be allowed to represent Africa on April 2, G20 gathering in London ? That is a big insult to Africa. This is the man who is working closely with the Darfur butcher, Al-Beshir , committed similar crimes in Gambella and  Ogaden. I have no doubt that his secret  mission is also to  lobby on behalf of Al-Beshir by arguing that the cost of peace in Sudan VS the cost of indicting Al-Beshir.

Melws Zenawi's appetite for cash by giving away large areas of western Ethiopia to Sudan and leasing our land for anyone with cash show that this man care less for his people and running on greed and treason. This guy has enough stimulant and do not deserve extra juice to compensate for his lose abroad from the world economic downturn.

Yes indeed, Meles and his inner circle lost money from "their investment" in foreign market. However, this is Ethiopian stolen money and we want it to be audited by independent auditors. Yes it is true also that countries who have big economic downturn will cut giving financial aid to other poor countries.

However, throwing money to African tyrants for the last fifty years haven't produced any development for our continent. The scare tactics of Meles Zenawi that violence will increase and countries will be under is the same judgement he used and send soldiers to "liberate Somalia from Alshabab" two years ago and after huge cost of human lives, we are now where we were before the invasion. The person who was behind this crime is now on world stage thanks to Gordon Brown.

It is a disgrace for Africa that we have the likes of Al-Beshir and Meles Zenawi. The difference is Al-Beshir had served Western interest in destroying Ethiopia and Meles is still on their payroll to enslave and mortgage the continent of Africa.