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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Diredawa Rail workers protest !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Railway workers in Diredawa demanded the firing of the TPLF appointed manager of the railway for incompetence and raised also the survival issues, "for their little belly " families that can not afford sending their children to school or pay gas and rent with the current income. Follow the short audio on (March 12)

German Amharic interviewed the manager for his immediate dismissal which was overwhelming by the loud cheers of employees, " Yenisa Zare". The manager care less for the voice of the workers and he assured the journalist that he is accountable for those who put him there.

The Telecommunication workers who are now abused by their Chinese bosses, the Power Authority workers who are rationing power even in Addis Ababa and others should follow the example of the Diredawa Rail workers and fight for their right and they have nothing to lose.

TPLF would like to infiltrate this movement like it did the Ethiopian students and arrest leaders and that is expected. What it can not do is to stop the coming upheaval of workers in near future demanding enough pay to survive.

Where is the registered economic growth of TPLF ? Is it not a matter that occupy space or is it gas which is invisible to see ?