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Friday, 20 March 2009

Ethiopian Muslims protest hijacked by TPLF sympathizers !!

Tedla Asfaw

VOA Amharic today March 20 reported a protest by Ethiopian Muslims in front of TPLF Embassy in D.C. calling for "protection" of Ethiopian Muslims by TPLF. The protesters called also for the suspension of the right of Ethiopian Muslims to build worshipping place in Axum to be lifted. There was no slogan shouted denouncing TPLF for spilling Muslims blood however.

In fact the representative of TPLF Embassy applauded the organizers of the protest as a civilized protest for the rest of us to follow suit. The Representatives of the protest had a discussion with TPLF Ambassador and both claim success. However, we both Christians and Muslims here in the Diaspora know very well who is behind the religious conflicts in Ethiopia even if  the organizers understandably TPLF sympathizers  tried to paint the conflict as if it has been brought by extremists, Christians and Muslims and deny the evil hands of TPLF.

This is disingenuous and it might be a work by some TPLF agents in the Muslim community who are using the current crisis as an opportunity to recruit Muslims in  TPLF camp when many Muslims and Christians are joining hands to fight TPLF in all corners of Ethiopia. The protesters have betrayed many Ethiopian Muslims who were killed in broad day light in Addis Ababa during the May 2005 election by not calling justice for many lives lost. In fact they are giving  TPLF a diplomatic support by seating down and serve as propaganda tool.

It is true our Ethiopian Muslims have legitimate questions for their right and safety, however, asking justice from the regime whose dirty hands was caught in all religious conflicts in the past in Ethiopia is absurd and also suspicious. Ethiopians haven't organized themselves in religious parties back home or here and  we are denouncing any attempt of forming  Muslim wing of TPLF here in D.C.

Ethiopian Muslims and Christians record of living together as  ancient religions  is well documented both by Holy Quran and Holy Bible. This generation of Ethiopians will continue on that path and will never be a tool of unelected tyrants who are the source of the problem by playing Christians VS Muslims, one nationality VS another, a known method of dividing Ethiopians to keep them in power.