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Sunday, 29 March 2009

London rally is a shining example

Tedla Asfaw

One of the organizers of the April 2 rally in London Ato Abebe Tolosa was interviewed on Addis Dimts on Sunday March 29 and you can go to and follow the interview. The  Ethiopian Diaspora in Europe is mobilized as Ato Abebe Tolosa articulated by individual responsibility of Ethiopians  for mother Ethiopia not to get sympathy from the Western nations rather to show solidarity with the masses in Ethiopia.

The London rally of the Ethiopian Diaspora should be replicated here in North America where we failed to stand together after the split within Kinijit. The recent protest in D.C. failed to bring a large turnout since many were not endorsing the divisive nature of the called rallies.

I hope London will be the future model for future rallies. Let us stand as one and be hope for our people. The enemy is TPLF and all other differences are secondary. Not joining such rally because it is not endorsed by opposition parties is not acceptable and defensible. Members of all opposition parties should in fact put pressure on their parties or individual members to stand with the Ethiopian people and chase Meles Zenawi from London on April 2.

                                                                                                                               Go London Go !!!