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Monday, 23 March 2009

Call for a joint rally to our Somali and Oromo exiles !!!

Tedla Asfaw

I want to thank first OLF website editor  for posting the recent night protest in London, in front of TPLF Headquarter by brave Ethiopians, covered exclusively on Abbay Media. The goal of the secret meeting led by Bereket Simon was to organize a welcoming rally in April 2 for the Ethiopian butcher, Meles Zenawi. The welcoming rally organizers are Bereket Simon and Birhanu Kebede, known supporters of Meles Zenawi were called by letter signed by Birhanu Kebede and entrance was strictly only by the letter according to the protesters who were left out and their attempt to join the illegal meeting was foiled by the presence of British police officers.

The exclusive call is designed not to include "outsiders" to follow their secret plan to make April 2 a success for Meles Zenawi by countering  the expected protest on his presence on G20 meeting in London by Ethiopians. This letter I have no doubt was also circulated around Europe to bring a large TPLF supporters to London.

From one of the persons who participated on the London protest appearing on Addis Dimts Radio last Sunday, we learned that the Somali community would like to join the coming protest rally in April 2 clearly to hold Meles accountable for mass killing of Somalis in his adventurous war two years ago. The organizers are still working how to accommodate our Somali friends on this protest.

However, the Oromo and the Somali community of Ethiopia should be part of this coming protest without any preconditions. What we need is to coordinate with the people who are organizing the protest. The good thing is everyone understands that this coming April 2 protest rally in London, for all of us, different nationalities of Ethiopia have one common agenda, to denounce the presence of Meles Zenawi and call for all those who have blood on their hands to face justice.

The recent protest organized in D.C. to denounce the atrocity of TPLF in Ogaden  by Ethiopian Somalis and other Ethiopians was a great success and we should do the same in London. I call the Ethiopian Somalis, Oromo brothers and sisters  to come and join this rally and neutralize any attempt by TPLF supporters , we witnessed in German this past week,  call " for more years of rule by TPLF and  five more years of of their  beloved leader, Meles Zenawi, " to  loot and kill our people.

Our differences on the future of Ethiopia should not be exploited by TPLF. We all believe by now, the future of our country should be decided by empowering our people. We have seen in the last eighteen years how TPLF that claims to represent the interest of
"Tigray"  abused,terrorized and worked day and night to build a suspicion wall between the people of Tigray and the rest  of us.

Our joint rally this coming April 2 will prove to  TPLF supporters in the Diaspora that the eighteen years old  suspicion wall built to separate Ethiopians is soon to be dismantled. Power to people, not to unelected tyrants and  their ethnic loyalists.