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Monday, 9 March 2009

Tesfaye Gebrab on Bedeno and Arbagugu massacare !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Bezu Wondemagene, a former employee in Ethiopia who was dismissed among fifty others from Ethiopian Press questioned Ato Tefaye Gebrab, (www.ecadform paltalk, March 9 ), who was then the  head of the press in early 1991 as a 23 year old young man's participation on dismissal of Amharas, keeping Tigreans and Eritreans on their positions, under the pretext of security.

Tesfaye admitted participating on such blatant dismissal of Amharas from press which he said went on other civil administrations too. Bezu Wondemagene then working for AAPO mentioned also the letter of the late Professor Asrat Woldeyese to local and international organizations exposing the despicable crime committed against the Bedeno and Arbagugu Amharas  that was also sent to the then head of press, Tesfaye Gebrab.

Who will forget an elderly man weeping like a baby whose family was wiped out thrown from the cliff of Arsi under the order of OPDO cadres like "Gurmessa" currently residing in Canada ? God bless Asrat Woldeyese for standing with the poor Amharas where no one including Tesfaye Gebrab look otherwise.

Tesfaye Gebrab promised to include the Arbagugu and Bedeno massacres among others in his next book. He got many questions regarding "Ye Burka Zimita" a fiction,based on the true stories he heard from Oromos and as young man growing in Bishoftu's role in igniting clashes between Oromos and  Amharas, he said the crime committed against  Amharas in Arbagugu, Bedeno or other places were not by ordinary Oromos who read his book but by the Oromo wing of TPLF, OPDO.

Tesfaye regarding the new party "Arena" led by Gebru Asrat and party-less Seye Abraha he said these individuals will never expose all the crimes committed by TPLF because they were part of it and if they had succeeded in winning and took over TPLF after the completion of the Badme war in 1998-2000  Ethiopia would remain the same.

According to Tesfaye Gebrab, Gebru Asrat and Seye Abraha would like to keep all the policies of TPLF/EPRDF and only wanted to remove Meles Zenawi and his circle who have Eritrean blood. Do Gebru and Seye Abraha know who is behind the brutal massacre in Bedeno and Arbagugu ? or is it the same "Hisab Mawerarede" never to be raised ?

When it comes to the objective of TPLF, Tesfaye said the regime's goal is to rule Ethiopia and Ethiopians by destroying them and care less for the country after their eventual departure.

I would like all to listen to these interesting engagement of Tesfaye Gebrab with the audience and lean from it. I thank Ms. Bezu Wonemagene for asking pointed questions and also worked to save innocent Amharas lives when many current so called opposition leaders were partying and feasting with TPLF.

Even without reading ,"Ye Burka Zimita" and before reading Professor Getachew Haile's wonderful review of Tesfaye's new book, Ye "Gazetgnaw Mastawesh " I never questioned the sincerity of Tesfaye Gebrab, the character he surely developed living with Oromos. I am waiting for the coming book eagerly for untold stories to be told.