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Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Young poets of UDJP

I followed the candle light vigil held on UDJP young gathering in Addis Ababa posted on The young Sileshi Hagos poem dedicated to Judge Birtukan was a poem will make the late  Tsegaye Gebremedhin smile in his grave and be proud, the young following  on his foot step, telling the truth challenging authoritarians of any color.

"Birtu Kahen", the word I coined for Birtukan after minutes of her jailing almost 90 days ago on a comment I posted on was  a name Artist Debebe Eshetu used to describe Judge Birtukan, and I am  proud of that small contribution.

The coming April 2 protest in London will once again will call for her unconditional release of Birtu Kahen/Birtukan, Teddy Afro, Aberae Yemanab and all whose whereabouts is still unknown.

I am also proud of those young poets of UDJP organizing the candle light vigil risking intimidation and possible jail from Meles' security.

          We are with you Birtu Kahen !!!!

                Tedla Asfaw