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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Does it matter, Dialogue or outrage for the Kinijit's sickness ??

Tedla Asfaw
I read Ato Fekada Shewaena's well written piece about the current predicament of Kinijit, once a very popular party getting the support of millions of Ethiopians, remember the "Miazia" 30/ May 2005 rally a week before the election  and now in a disarray fighting in two camps in Addis to secure "office" and name for KInijit "legally" posted on
The whole world knows that millions voted for CUDP/Kinijit and now TPLF is telling us that we must be stupid because there is no party called Kinijit and even those who got a seat for their safety in the "parliament" Ayele and Temesgen do not know which party they represent.
On top of that Hailu and Birtukan factions are not allowed to mobilize supporters while they have been given stages to destroy each other. We have now four Kinijit parties begging for recognition from TPLF and TPLF is now roaming Addis and many cities to win the local election for the coming spring and preparing to win the landslide victory for the so called "election 2008".
It does not matter who will get the certificate of recognition for Kinijit and this will not change the fact that TPLF will compete with the loyal oppositions led by Bulcha, Petros , Lidetu ,Ayele, Temesegen and you can add Hailu, Birtukan on this list and the so called fair and free election under TPLF is gone for good whether Kinijit remains undivided or not.
What Hailu and the other Fives have done after their release is destroying the Kinijit spirit by their examples we heard in their interviews and deeds. They might be educated people but not good leaders in any measurement you take.
The millions in Ethiopia who voted for Kinijit hoping  better future and that future no doubt is hijacked by TPLF and  failed leadership of Kinijit paving the way for another rule for TPLF dynasty, 2010--2015 and whether we engaged in dialogue or outrage it does not matter any more the damage has already been done.