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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Poverty and educatin in the rich nations

Tedla Asfaw
On BBC news hour (Dec. 13) I followed the study done by the British regarding poverty and education. Children at the age of seven from poor families who are bright end up as adult in poor school with no  future probably ending much poorer than their parents.
This is not peculiar to Britain and here in USA family income and children education has strong correlation.Children from high income family end up in good private schools and pay their education in college and take well paying jobs and the majority of children from low income families end up in poor public schools, some drop out in high schools and the lucky one end up in community college, and very few  in good colleges which is a license for good job opportunity.
Born from poor family seems a curse and things are not getting better for the poor of the world, and if the west can not tackle this inequality in education it will prepare itself for many underclass citizens with less paying jobs or no jobs that will trigger crime and  will cost them huge amount of money to fight these crimes.
Rich nations should be better off spending money for quality public education and tap the potential of  bright children from poor families and wasting it as they do now is immoral.