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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The infamous number sixty in Ethiopian politics.

Tedla Asfaw

The number sixty brought our memory of the sixty
Ethiopian high officials of the Imperial regime of
Haile Selasse who were massacred by Junta Derg in the

After more than three decades the number sixty comes
again in our politics this time when we debate the
crisis in the Kinijit leadership.

I read on EMF the "master list" of the Supreme Council
Members of Kinijit happens to be sixty and as we know
when the leadership was thrown to jail two years ago
this council ceased to exist. Some were jailed,some
hiding, some in exile and some left Kinijit for good.

After the release of Kinijit leadership four months
ago few less than twenty are engaged in power struggle
in two camps, Hailu and Birhanu/the Fives and are now
campaigning other Supreme Council and executive
members to join them in the fight while the millions
supporters of Kinijt following the saga on VOA and
German Amharic.

Engineer Hailu Shawel on this week's interview with
VOA confirmed that there is no Supreme Council of
Kinijit and it is dead.

It is true that the sixty council members and the
whole Kinijit movement are dead politically thanks to
the TPLF banning of peaceful politics combined with
the leaderless Kinijt train.

Kinijit supporters can not peacefully demonstrate and
is hard to gauge their reaction. However, if you do
your own survey it is not surprising to find that
people demand readership change in Kinijit and for
that Hailu and the Fives and all the members in the
leadership position have to go. I hate number sixty
and hopefully Kinijit will look for another number and
mobilize its supporters by all means to keep the
spirit of 2005 alive.

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