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Friday, 28 December 2007

Dr. Birhanu Nega Vs. Bereket Simon on "Bravery Scale"

Tedla Asfaw
I read a short armed struggle account of EPRP and the role of Dr. Birhanu's contribution according to " Adal Isaw "not a real name posted on Aiga(Dec. 28) titled "EPRP and Dr. Birhanu Nega:"Like father,like son" which accuses Dr. Birhanu as cowardice and people like Berekit Simon an adviser of Melese Zenawi who was defeated soundly on May 2005 election as hero.
It would have been up to Bereket Simon to bring your allegation of cowardice on the debate and ask not to vote for Dr. Birhanu and other CUDs because they are not as "brave" as EPRDF/TPLF fighters and ask  for another five years.
The writer accusation of Dr. Birhanu being "a scary cat" was also pointed by others against Melese Zenawi and he was accused of never seen in war front and in fact run from battle field and it would have been relevant for your readers if you were "brave" enough to comment on that.
Dr. Birhanu on his book "Yenestanet Gohe Sikede" clearly put his role as a young person like many of us a desire for a change including an armed struggle and admitted that he did not participate in any battle and left for Sudan.However, Bereket Simon and other former EPRP officials join TPLF and now  reaping the fruit of their "bravery" for being more TPLFites than TPLF officials even if he and othes  lost an election and if that is also bravery it should be called "bravery of cheating"
The future of our country is on the hands of our people and those who accepted the verdict of our peope in the polling booths are the winners and let our people vote on who is a hero and a coward and killing innocents demonstrators on the streets of Addis Ababa while hiding in the Menelik Palace is surely not a heroic action.