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Friday, 7 December 2007

Fwd: The brutal killing of Kassahun Hunde

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From: tedla asfaw <>
Date: Dec 7, 2007 9:10 AM
Subject: The brutal killing of Kassahun Hunde

I was saddened to read on Dec.7 on , a
day I arrived here in USA twenty years ago escaping
tyranny to live in freedom, the death of Ato Kasshaun
Hunde on the hands of brutal killers.

I saw Ato Kassahun on Eritrean TV after he escaped
TPLF imprisonment following the May 2005 election and
on that interview he admitted that he was a Kinijit

This brave man lost hand as a result of gunshot but it
did not brake his fighting spirit and after escape he
joined those who took up arms to defend themselves to
fight for "freedom" in the northern Ethiopia.

This brave man killers are now out there to kill
freely thinking Ethiopian patriots wherever they are
be in Ethiopia or Asmara.

The tyrants in Addis Ababa and Asmara would not like
to see brave patriotic independent Ethiopians the
likes of the late Professor Asrat or other young
patriots like Ato Kasahun Hunde and what they want is
individuals or organizations who take order from them.

Both tyrants are threatened by patriotic Ethiopians
and organizations and would do all they can to destroy
them and they are also exploiting  the difference in
the democratic and patriotic organizations until they
are paralyzed and becomes toothless.

If those who are challenging TPLF by arms are taking
direct order from Asmara it will not be different than
those who are sleeping in the parliament while Melese
is lecturing.

The division in the Ethiopian Patriotic Front(EPPF)
which we heard in the paltalk room is not much
different the one we see in many Ethiopian political
organizations and what makes it different is it has
outside sponsor, the Eritrean regime.

Patriotic Ethiopians in the north of Ethiopia are
squeezed from TPLF and the Issayas regime while the
mass movement of May 2005 let rote in the drama played
under the watchful eye of TPLF in Addis Ababa.

To make matters worst young patriots like Ato Kasahun
Hunde life is cut short with no one being accountable.


                                         Tedla Asfaw

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