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Sunday, 16 December 2007

Melese Zenawi, the next President of Ethiopia

Tedla Asfaw
The Russian prime minister Putin has nominated his buddy to replace him and his successor would like to put Putin as President of Russia and you can call it give and get more. Why not TPLF emulate this to the Ethiopian situation?
Prime minister Melese if he kept his words, this will be his last term as prime minister and by the 2010 our country will have another member of TPLF as prime minister in the coming TPLF controlled election.
The president of Ethiopia is ceremonial as President Girma Wodlegeorgis said  in his recent appearance on New York Public Radio and compared it to the "Queen" of England. The Ethiopian "Parliament" could change that and make the president to be more active in internal politics.
Following Russia's Putin the Ethiopian "Parliament "next step is to nominate prime minister to be our   next president of Ethiopia by huge majority and if there is any law against that TPLF will use its super majority and make a new law.
TPLF can not survive without Melese Zenawi and they have to thank Putin for bringing this new model to be emulated by our life term leader to jump from one post to another and we should not forget Musharraf's conversion from the Army chief to be president too.
While Ethiopian popular party Kinijit is now splintering and leaderless TPLF should not worry about organized protest in any form and the new position of president for Melese Zenawi might indeed be a big possibility TPLF supporters will talk about   in the coming year or two.
"President Melese" will use his years of contact and experience to be our official president and unofficial "prime minister" of Ethiopia and Kinijit's failed leadership might make this alternative more interesting for him and we will hear from him soon and of course retirement is out of question Mr. President.