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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

"Long Live Senator Inhofe" !!! posted few supporters of TPLF photos standing at Oklahoma Senator Inhofe's office and holding placards against HR2003. "Long live Ethiopia, long live USA " and then the funny call is "long live Inhofe".

How long ? wishing him to be a life term senator like TPLF supporters wanted to be Melese the life term leader of Ethiopia. "long live Melese Zenawi" should be added with "long live Inhofe" to be fair to your leader. Ethiopians voted out Melese in 2005 and he is now living with stolen time and I am longing for his departure from Ethiopian politics and as for Senator Inhofe he will go after his term is finished and the TPLF supporters can find him a job as life term adviser.

Long Live Freedom!!

Tedla Asfaw