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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

KIC's "Lekaberew Aredute" statement

Tedla Asfaw
I listened on Andent Radio the Dec.8 KIC statement regarding the call Dr. Birhanu made on the paltalk radio that Kinijit warring factions have to go their separate way. How could  this be news to us? We witnessed it when the Kinijit delegates arrived separately in September until they left divided in November.
Dr. Birhanu's " let us go our way and let them go their own way" is not going to be a surprise for millions of our people who followed the sad story of KInijit since their new year and the KIC statement is like "Lekebarew Aredute".
We can go back and read the recent statements of KIC except  "Kinijit is one" in words their actions like the Birhanu groups, KIL had achieved the breaking away of Kinijit and all the festivals and parties had not gone from our memory to deny that.
The elected leaders of Kinijit are now paralysed and forbidden to reach their constituents and the gathering of few elected leaders in the name of Kinijit is not different than the Kinijit we have in the TPLF parliament which communicate by remote control with its "constituents"
Why should KIC worried about the call made by Dr. Birhanu on the paltlak and didn't we hear getting a new name for Kinijit from Eng. Hailu  which is not different than splitting Kinijit? It is clear for all of us the KIC group will have a new name and the KIL will take another name and that was declared few months back here in USA.
The Ethiopian people "Kinijit" has to rise up with new leaders from the ashes of KIC and KIL and this people power has to take its own course and "Talaku Rucha"  has shown us the glimpse of  what to come.