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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Ethiopiafirst with Addisdimts host

Tedla Asfaw
Another educational interview on Ben's Radio and . Ben interviewed Ato Abebe Belew the host of Addis Dimts on current political situation in Ethiopia except the occupation of Somalia which in fact should have been part of the interview because its impact on future politics of Ethiopia is huge.
Educational interview is hard to find in a polarized paltalk shouting, cursing or worshiping interviews in the Diaspora and this one will not scare many Ethiopians including TPLF supporters and opponents to listen without worrying too much.
Ben has his own view sometimes different than Ato Abebe but this has not made each one of them to be an enemy and swear never to talk. Such tolerance is hard to find in our Diaspora political culture and if it is exported to Ethiopia it will negatively affect the future democracy we all want to establish in Ethiopia.
Free media which is totally non existent in Ethiopia as Ben proved beyond doubt from his recent trip to Ethiopia is not different than the Diaspora polarized media serving as a propaganda machine with the exception of very few.
If you want to know who you are in the Diaspora the litmus test is which website and media you are visiting. Ato Abebe Belew will get many emails and calls for appearing on Ben's Radio and many will  label him as TPLF agent to solidify their on going accusation against him.
I do not know if Ben's site is blocked in Ethiopia and I can assure you that this interview will never be allowed to reach a large audience in Ethiopia and if it reaches Addis Dimts will get many supporting emails and letters from Ethiopia. 
I also listened interview Ben made with the families of those killed by the TPLF forces two years ago possibly after he interviewed Ato Abebe and I would like to know what Ato Abebe has to say about this disturbing interview if he has heard it.
One thing I do not like  to see is to exploit the dead families for political gain and such actions by Kinijit leadership will be a disrespect of the dead.