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Friday, 21 December 2007

No Money !! No Honey !!

Tedla Asfaw

TPLF started another fight this time not by gun by money. The millionaires party, TPLF, is drafting a new law to ban all contributions out of country and crippling parties that survive from the Diaspora contributions.

The three hundred thousand dollars raised from KIL supporters lat month might be the victim of this new law and this new law is going to completely shut down all opposition activities.

The new law, by demanding the names of the contributors, it will scare most people back home not to give money for fear of reprisals.

How are we going to mobilize supporters without money? impossible and all the money raised for the opposition parties have to go underground and in this time of suspicion and division in the Kinijit leadership this new law with the banning of free assembly and speeches will definitely kill the hope of peaceful struggle in Ethiopia.

Divided Diaspora that can not raise money legally will not help the cause of millions of our people hunger for change.

I hope such war waged on our people by TPLF might unite the splintering Kinijit factions KIL and KIC offices before they shut down for not paying rent and other expenses, no money no honey.